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Thanksgiving, Family and Food. And a Recipe!

I hope every­one had a great Thanksgiving. I know we did, but we almost didn’t. A few weeks ago I came down with the swine flu which then turned into pleurisy. For more than the last two weeks I have been in bed. I didn’t really leave the bed or couch unless i needed to […]

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Chipotle & Roasted Corn Salsa

With all the heir­loom toma­toes we’ve received from our CSA recently, it’s been hard to keep up! Now, Megan is not a fan of raw toma­toes at all so we’ve worked hard to come up with inter­est­ing ways that we can both enjoy them. There have been lots of pasta and pizza sauces made, and […]

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Grilled Stuffed Turkey Breast, Minty Yellow Snaps & Garlic Smashed Potatoes

A week ago our chest freezer died and sud­denly we had a lot of things on our hands we needed to cook or eat quickly. one of those things: turkey breast fil­lets. In the past I have sprin­kled some BBQ sea­son­ing on them and thrown them on the grill, but this time, I wanted something […]

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Grilled Chicken Thighs & Vegetables

Grilled Chicken Thighs and a Grilled Potato, Yellow Squash, Pepper & Onion Medley.

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Breakfast with Friends

Last night we had some friends over to cel­e­brate our dog, Hayley’s 13th birth­day. I gotta say it’s the sil­li­est excuse i’ve ever had to drink too much, but drink too much we all did. Once one has had too much tequila, mix­ing more mar­gar­i­tas is a bad idea. This resulted in hav­ing break­fast guests […]

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Grilled chicken with a mango habeñero spice rub, purple wax…

Grilled chicken with a mango habeñero spice rub, pur­ple wax beans with a mint infused olive oil driz­zle and grilled onions and pota­toes in a spicy cheese sauce.

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Megan made me breakfast! Amazing skillet potatoes with the first…

Megan made me break­fast! Amazing skil­let pota­toes with the first cayenne from our plant and a rose­mary zuchinni broc­coli gor­gonzola omelette

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BRINNER!! Garlic scape scrambled eggs, skillet potatoes with…

BRINNER!! Garlic scape scram­bled eggs, skil­let pota­toes with broc­coli and yel­low zuc­chini and fresh Amish bread with but­ter and honey

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Scrambled Eggs, Skillet Potatoes & Fresh Strawberries

Scrambled eggs, skil­let pota­toes (with fresh rose­mary, basil and oregano from our gar­den along with goat cheese and much­rooms) and fresh straw­ber­ries. Tasty breakfast!

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Roasted Chicken, Potatoes & Radishes with a Rosemary-Orange Shallot Butter.

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