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A Twist on the Classic American Cheese Burger & Fries

I’ve heard many peo­ple say pizza is like sex — even when its bad, you’re still hav­ing pizza. That’s how I feel about burg­ers. And a good burger instantly sends me into culi­nary eupho­ria. One of my favorite burger recipes I’ve devel­oped over the years is a twist on gyros, the slow-cooked spiced Greek meat typ­i­cally served […]

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Grilled Stuffed Turkey Breast, Minty Yellow Snaps & Garlic Smashed Potatoes

A week ago our chest freezer died and sud­denly we had a lot of things on our hands we needed to cook or eat quickly. one of those things: turkey breast fil­lets. In the past I have sprin­kled some BBQ sea­son­ing on them and thrown them on the grill, but this time, I wanted something […]

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Spicy Grilled Lamb Chops with Tzatziki, Roasted Eggplant & Summer Squash and Lemon Rice

We’ve received an over-abundance of cucum­bers from our CSA this sum­mer. While try­ing to come up with ideas for what to do with them, Megan men­tioned tzatziki sauce. That made me think of gyros which made me think of lamb and sud­denly I wanted lamb chops.

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Grilled Chicken Thighs & Vegetables

Grilled Chicken Thighs and a Grilled Potato, Yellow Squash, Pepper & Onion Medley.

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Grilled Ratatouille & Chicken

Tonight we had my par­ents over and decided to try some­thing new. Megan found this awe­some recipe for grilled rata­touille that was amaz­ingly easy. Cut egg­plant, bell pep­per, zuc­chini, onion and tomato in half, toss in olive oil salt & pep­per and throw it on the grill. Rough chop with some fresh basil and toss […]

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Simple Salad, Seriously Scrumptious

I really enjoy a good salad, espe­cially a large din­ner salad. I also enjoy grilling, fruit, bacon and good cheese. Tonight I decided to put them all together in an exper­i­ment of sorts. Grilling fruit has always pro­duced a great sweet/smoky taste that I love. When we got a can­taloupe from our CSA I decided to […]

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Throw Another Pizza on the Barbie!

Megan and I love pizza. Probably too much. So much so that Thursdays have some­how jok­ingly become pizza night at our house. In the past that has been a rather poor idea health-wise as it usu­ally involved some guy hand­ing us a pizza at our front door. But, not tonight. Tonight we made our own […]

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4th of July Festivities

We had some friends over last night for a lit­tle 4th of july shindig; it turned out rather awe­some. As with most of our friendly gath­er­ings it was pot-luck style. I made Ground Venison Burgers with a Coffee Spice rub that were amaz­ing. I also used a pur­ple cab­bage and some fresh cord we got […]

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Grilled chicken with a mango habeñero spice rub, purple wax…

Grilled chicken with a mango habeñero spice rub, pur­ple wax beans with a mint infused olive oil driz­zle and grilled onions and pota­toes in a spicy cheese sauce.

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Dinner With the Parents — All of Them

With Megan grad­u­at­ing from grad school, her par­ents came to town for the com­mence­ment. While they were in town we made din­ner for them and my par­ents. Megan’s par­ents alway sbring us great fresh veg­eta­bles from their gar­den and often they will give us fresh seafood as they live near the North Carolina coast. With […]

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