Grilled Stuffed Turkey Breast, Minty Yellow Snaps & Garlic Smashed Potatoes

20090805 - Grilled Stuffed Turkey Breast

A week ago our chest freezer died and sud­denly we had a lot of things on our hands we needed to cook or eat quickly. one of those things: turkey breast fil­lets. In the past I have sprin­kled some BBQ sea­son­ing on them and thrown them on the grill, but this time, I wanted some­thing more. I was going to stuff ‘em.

Grilled Stuffed Turkey Breast

4oz. fresh goat cheese
1/3 cup fresh chopped basil
1 tea­spoon fresh chopped rose­mary
1/8 tea­spoon fresh chopped oregano
1lb turkey breast fil­lets
10 cherry toma­toes
2 tea­spoons extra vir­gin olive oil
sea salt & fresh ground black pep­per to taste
1/4 cup marina sauce

Place first four ingre­di­ents and a pinch of salt & pep­per in a food proces­sor, puls­ing a few times until well com­bined. Set aside to rest. Pound turkey breast fil­lets until thin and divide cheese mix­ture between them. Cut each tomato in half and place along side cheese mixture.


Roll turkey and seal with water soaked tooth­picks. Drizzle with olive oil and sprin­kle with salt & pep­per to coat all sides. Repeat with remain­ing fillet(s).


Place stuffed fil­lets on med heated grill and cook for 20 min­utes, flip­ping once.


Remove from grill, cover with foil and let rest for 10 min­utes. Serve topped with a lit­tle mari­nara sauce.


This week we had received yel­low snap beans from our CSA. I wanted to use them so I whipped up a quick honey mint oil (1/4 cup olive oil, 1 table­spoon fresh mint, 1 table­spoon honey, mix in blender, allow to sit at least one hour). After steam­ing the beans for a few min­utes but still leav­ing them crisp, I tossed them in sea salt, pep­per and the honey mint oil and topped them with a sprig of mint blos­som. It’s such a clean, fresh taste!

Megan made some awe­some gar­lic smashed pota­toes to go with the turkey and beans and we had a fan­tas­tic meal!

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